Experts in Life Insurance with Heart Conditions

Life insurance with heart conditions requires a special touch.  We approve heart problem life insurance every single day and you are in the right place.

Just because you have a heart condition, don’t make a mistake that could cost you thousands!  Below are some heart and cardiovascular problems that we cover at length.

Here you will learn what those heart issues mean for your health class and your potential life insurance rates.

Aortic Stenosis

Aortic Valve Disorders

Angina or Chest Pain




Athlete’s Heart

Atrial Fibrillation

More about AFib

Atrial Septal Defect

Atrioventricular or AV Blocks

Blood Clots

Bundle Branch Block

Bypass Surgery


Congestive Heart Failure 

Coronary Artery Disease CAD

Coronary Calcium Score

Dilated Cardiomyopathy

Enlarged Heart

Heart Attack

Heart Medications

Heart Murmur

Heart Stent Surgery

Heart Valve Surgery

High Blood Pressure HBP

High Cholesterol

High Lipids

Left Ventricular Hypertrophy

Mitral Valve Prolapse


Peripheral Vascular Disease or PAD


TIA or Mini-Stroke

Triglyceride Levels

Women with Heart Disease

life insurance heart conditions thousands mistake life insurance heart problems life insurance heart attack

You might be avoiding this life insurance decision too because of bad information.  Rates are often 50% to 100% above standard rates if you pick the wrong life insurer for a heart condition.


You need more choices if you have heart problems

Why do you need an independent advisor in your corner?  Simple.  More choice means you pay less.  If you go to a MassMutual agent for life insurance, the only products they can show you are MassMutual’s.

They do not have 60 of the top rated life insurance companies to work with like we do.

One company, one option.  Is that option the best value for you?

What if your coverage is declined?  Yikes.

Our Underwriting experts know the best life insurance companies for heart conditions.

The key to your situation is to field underwrite your case and pick the winning insurance company before the case is even submitted.  Imagine if you could play the lottery already knowing the winning numbers!

Wouldn’t you like to gain an edge and stack the deck in your favor?

This is precisely what we do for our clients on a daily basis, and we know the probable successful outcome of a case long before it hits an underwriter’s desk.  The secret ingredient is having many insurance carriers in your arsenal who underwrite heart conditions favorably, and then shopping those carriers for the best underwriting health class before the case is submitted.


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For any heart disease, take advantage of a RapidQuote

Every situation is unique and every single case will come with its own challenges.  Every day we find a new combination of heart conditions that we have never seen. Our approach is to customize a solution for you based on your goals, budget and personal health profile.

Using a quick questionnaire and our underwriting experience, we get the RapidQuote started ensuring you get a favorable look from the insurance underwriters.


Fact finding – The name of the game

Here is an example of ‘fact finding’ as it relates to high blood pressure:

HBP Life Insurance Hypertension High Blood Pressure Questions

The questions that determine how much you will spend on life insurance have to be asked in the beginning and must be answered completely and honestly.

Without complete and honest answers about your health, you will be denied.  Do not pass go, do not collect $200.  

The amount of big data compiled for a life insurance policy is impressive: between the information on a MIB report, a motor vehicle report, a RX script check and records from your primary care physician it is impossible to “fool” a life insurance company regarding your health class.

In the fact finding, we need to be able to explain:

What happened to your heart?

Seems like an easy enough question to answer, however specifics matter!  Many heart problems and heart conditions are interrelated.

What you may remember as a single, traumatic incident like a heart attack might actually be multiple occurrences that have to be evaluated, so go heavy on the details.

When did it happen?

When did you first see signs of the conditions?  What was your exact diagnosis, and how old were you at the time of that diagnosis?  What were the dates or approximate dates of hospital admittance (if appropriate) or discharge?

What’s your treatment for heart disease?

Specifically, what Rx?  Which medications are you taking, how much, and how often?  When did you last see your doctor or specialist?  What tests were performed, and what were the specific results of those tests? i.e. echo cardiograms, EKG’s, stress tests, etc

How’s it going?

Are you strictly adhering to your treatment plan?  Have you made any lifestyle modifications since the incident?  Maybe you improved your diet or exercise.

Have you lost some weight?  Did you quit smoking?  Are there any other complications related to your heart condition, such as diabetes, hyperlipidimia, obesity or sleep apnea?


Underwriting Guide Review

Based on the answers from the fact finding mission, we can usually provide an accurate quote and get the process rolling.  The key to getting you the best value though lies in underwriting guide review.  Different life insurance companies see you as a better or worse health risk based on your condition, so underwriting guide review is crucial to saving you thousands!  Look at the following underwriting guide example for High Blood Pressure.

Hypertension Life Insurance Underwriting Guidelines HBP Life Insurance

If your underwriting expert knows the underwriting guidelines, you can get the most affordable life insurance with heart conditions like HBP. It is all about picking the right life insurance company who will view your health class favorably.

Of the insurance companies quoted, who allows high blood pressure to be controlled through medication and still receive the best rate?  MetLife will not, but Mutual of Omaha will!  Their underwriting guide contains the facts.

Where MetLife and other top rated insurers would increase your premiums by 25% – 200% for your HBP medication, Mutual of Omaha allows treatment by medication for its best class -Preferred plus!

This little tidbit of knowledge could save you thousands over the life of a policy!


Life insurance with heart problems – RapidQuote in action

In many cases conditions will overlap, like diabetes with hypertension for example.  At that point we lay our facts out for an underwriter’s eye BEFORE we submit the case.

This will save your time.  The pre-underwriting RapidQuote process will let you know what you will spend to get your life insurance and which company is going to be the right fit for your conditions.

Why doesn’t every agent do this then?

The simple answer is time.  When under the gun at larger agencies like SelectQuote and AccuQuote, agents have sales quotas to hit.  They simply do not have the time to find the best rate for their customers.  We DO!


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Continuous savings on your life insurance: Review and Reduce

We annually review our customers’ policies as a free service.  During this time we perform normal policy maintenance such as updating the beneficiaries, updating the coverage and changing the mailing addresses for notifications.

It’s a free service and it allows us to get back in touch with our clients, our friends.  We also take this valuable opportunity to Review and Reduce whenever possible to help save our clients money.

Review and reduce: How it works

Say Melanie had stent surgery 5 years ago.  Surgery went great and she is following her doctor’s orders to the letter.  Melanie also quit smoking 4 years ago.

Being five successful years removed from her stent surgery and being a non-smoker for four years means that Melanie’s case can be reviewed.

In this instance, we can underwrite her case at a better health class with a much lower monthly payment for her life insurance!

Using Review and Reduce, we save clients 28% annually on average

In many cases, we don’t need a new medical exam to achieve these Review and Reduce savings either.  Feel free to break into your happy dance, no more needles!

So what are you waiting for?

Generally speaking, life insurance is never less expensive tomorrow because ou are as young as you will ever be today.  We can get the process started with a free online quote.

Why use the experts at Heart Life Insurance?

We are independent agents who will put the tools of RapidQuote to work for you, insuring the lowest life insurance rates possible for your heart condition.

Whether you have high blood pressure, stent surgery, a heart attack, Afib, or aortic stenosis, we will use our underwriting expertise to find you the best value in the life insurance market.  We specialize in high risk life insurance solutions for people just like you with these health conditions!

Underwriting guidelines and “sweet spots” are always changing, so after you become a client we will keep the savings coming by using Review and Reduce to lower your premiums in the future.

When we act on your behalf and provide evidence of proactive healthcare, we can make your life insurance coverage more affordable.


Get your family the life insurance coverage they deserve today

If you have any questions about getting life insurance with heart conditions, please learn about us today.

You do not know what the future holds, we do not have tomorrow.

Today is your day, seize the opportunity.

We have many success stories from people just like you.

Get your free quote today and take this critical step to protect your family.


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