Bundle Branch Block and Life Insurance [Approvals and Tips]

If you have Bundle Branch Block (BBB) or any other heart problem, applying for life insurance can seem like a difficult, complicated task.  Can you even get traditional life insurance with a Bundle Branch Block block?

Since it is a relatively rare condition, a Bundle Branch Block life insurance approval is especially tricky. Some life insurance companies will automatically deny applicants with any heart block because they are not familiar with it and the risk that it presents.

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There are some life insurance companies that specialize in these types of high-risk applications, and they are familiar with the specific risks presented by every type of heart condition, including Bundle Branch Block.


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Heart blocks are one of the rarer forms of heart conditions, only affecting 1% of the population annually. A heart block is simply a dysfunction in the electrical impulses that cause the heart to beat.

A Bundle Branch Block (BBB) is a specific type of heart block that can affect the rhythm of the heart. Bundle branches are structures inside the heart that are like wires and part of the heart’s electrical pathway. A block occurs when one of these branches is diseased and does not allow electrical signals to travel through it.

Most of these interruptions are minor.  Very few symptoms, sometimes no symptoms, exist.

Because of this, the BBB may go undetected for years.  Most patients are usually diagnosed with BBB after a heart test for another condition, like a stress echocardiogram for coronary artery disease.

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Here are some steps you can take to improve your chances of being approved for life insurance with a Bundle Branch Block or any other type of heart block.

Aside from living a healthy lifestyle, the most important thing you can do is educate yourself on what information insurance companies evaluate when reviewing the application.

Bundle Branch Block is not as life-threatening as many other heart conditions.  However, they usually come with other serious heart conditions.  In that case, the more serious heart condition will be the driving factor in the health class/life insurance rates you get.

Bundle Branch Block Risk Factors for Life Insurance

Bundle Branch Blocks can be complete or incomplete.  They can also be classified as right or left. Because of the importance of the left ventricle, Left Bundle Branch Block (LBBB) are normally more serious.

Research shows that people with an LBBB may be at a greater risk for heart disease.  Getting life insurance with an LBBB can be more difficult than life insurance with a Right Bundle Branch Block (RBBB).

Sometimes the heart block is a result or a sign of a larger problem, such as cardiomyopathy. Insurance companies will be concerned with both the block itself and any conditions related to it.


When applying for life insurance with any heart block, insurers will ask the following questions to determine your eligibility and health class.

When was the Bundle Branch Block diagnosed?

If you were diagnosed at a young age, you could be viewed as a higher risk for future heart problems.  Life insurance underwriting is more forgiving for applicants who are older because LBBB’s tend to show up after age 50.

What type of BBB do you have?

People with RBBB may qualify for standard or even preferred ratings, but LBBB can be more difficult to approve.  Incomplete blocks are also easier to approve than complete blocks.

Is the conduction disorder a sign of any other condition?

If so, insurers will review the risk involved with this condition.

Have you taken any medical tests recently, and if so, what were the results?

Regular checkups with your cardiologist along with regular EKGs and ECGs are critical.  They are a great sign to underwriters that you are actively managing your health.

They will also be looking to make sure there were no recent changes in your ECG signaling the branch block is getting worse.

The key is stability over multiple tests.

What is the treatment for your heart block?

Normally speaking, BBB doesn’t need treatment unless there is a related heart condition causing the block.

If the Bundle Branch Block has been under control and no symptoms have been present for over a year, it will greatly improve your chances.  No symptoms in 6 years?  Even better!


Here are the health classes you can expect if you are looking for life insurance with a heart block:

Preferred Plus / Preferred Rates

Unlikely, however, there are a few life insurance companies that will write BBB’s preferred if:

It is an incomplete RBBB with no heart disease and no other health conditions like high blood pressure or high cholesterol.  Height/weight build needs to be in line, along with a healthy diet and regular doctor visits.  No family history of cardiovascular disease before age 70.

Standard Rates

Usually the best-case scenario for LBBB that is incomplete and diagnosed over 5 years ago.

Many incomplete RBBBs with accompanying minor heart issues will also be rated standard, like an RBBB and high cholesterol controlled with medication.

Substandard or Table Rates

Complete RBBB might be rated standard, however usually any complete block–left or right–gets substandard rates.  These rates start at table 2 and go up to table 7 depending on the severity of the underlying conditions.

What does this all mean?  Just ask us!

If your BBB was treated with a pacemaker, then substandard rates are the norm depending on when the pacemaker was installed.



Krystal W. 57 years old. Diagnosed with an incomplete RBBB at 52.

Her doctors found the block on an abnormal ECG. An echocardiogram confirmed the diagnosis and also noted no other heart disease or problem. She is on a very low dose of simvastatin to control cholesterol and her parents both lived into their 80’s.


Incomplete RBBB diagnosed over 5 years ago with no other complications. With the right height and weight, Krystal would have qualified preferred or standard plus.  In our case, she was too short for her weight, received standard rates on life insurance, and she modified her diet to lose some weight.

Follow up is in two years to lower her rates with review and reduction.  Here is what her policy looks like today:

20-year term, A-rated company for Krystal W., quoted on 01-15-2017

Term Life Insurance$250,000$500,000$1,000,000
Monthly Rate$87.28$168.35$316.94


The absolute best thing you can do to qualify for affordable life insurance is to live a healthy lifestyle.

Aside from healthy living, the next best thing you can do is use our independent underwriting experts. We specialize in Bundle Branch Block and other heart conditions, and we know the life insurance companies that will give you the best health class . . . and the lowest rates!

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