Best Life Insurance Companies for Heart Conditions

There are over 1000 life insurance companies in the US alone. How do you sort them out? How do you rank them according to how best they serve your interests? What are the best life insurance companies for heart conditions?

Here at Heart Life Insurance, we listed what we feel are the best companies for you. We’ve enumerated firms adept in underwriting high-risk approvals. This is the culmination of years and years worth of experience.  But which company is the best one for you?

I mean, if you’re in perfect health, you can apply anywhere and just get the best rates in the market. There are tons of companies out there who offer no exam policies. Most of them have accelerated underwriting options for the young and healthy. That’s easy.

If you have heart problems though, these won’t be options for you. The life insurance companies will need more information on your case to make a decision, so most of the policies that you will qualify for will require an easy medical exam and a lenient underwriter.

After a major event like a heart attack, stent, angioplasty or heart valve repair, your life insurance case will be more difficult to approve. It’s just a fact, however, you probably guessed that already.

What you may not realize is that you can use our company’s expert services at no cost to you or your family. We will comb the available plans and companies in your state to find you the absolute best value in life insurance.

Since time is precious, let us get to work on your case today!

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There are just as many “best of” life insurance company lists as there are life insurance companies themselves. Our rankings are compiled based on thousands of cases and thousands of hours of work. After conversations with our team, we came up with these ranking criteria for the best life insurance companies with heart conditions:

Ease of Application

Paper is so nostalgic. While we love paper in a good book, we avoid it everywhere else. At Heart Life Insurance, our filing cabinets have cobwebs in their cobwebs.  We tossed the fax machine in the dumpster back in 2005 and haven’t looked back since. Being able to apply online and via phone has been a boom for the life insurance industry. Also, this has saved a bunch of trees too!

Companies that score high in this area will have options for non -paper applications. The same goes with e-delivery for policy documents. The best companies here will have electronic options for requirements. These can be attending physician’s statements and e-signature options for health statements.

Turn Around Time

Your health comes with some issues, sometimes multiple layered issues. Your file deserves a unique look, and some companies are better at that than others. Heart Life Insurance only works with the best life insurance companies for heart conditions.

For the companies that we prefer in this category, we can pick up a phone. This way, it’s easiest to talk to an underwriter the same day to assess your risk. With your specific health profile, what kind of underwriting class can we expect?

These companies are very easy to work with and very quick with a rapid quote. This is important to our clients. It’s because the faster we get an idea of your health class, the faster we can get you accurate rates.

Once we get the file into underwriting, the best companies in this category will get it done fast. The order and turn around the exams within the week. Then, they work with vendors who get the doctors’ records lickety-split.

Company Reputation

We don’t work with companies who cannot be trusted with your family’s future. If we wouldn’t put a policy there for our family, we won’t put your policy there either. Period.

“Reputation” in this sense doesn’t necessarily mean notability though. Some of these companies will be household names. They might have big buildings in Manhattan and sponsor the Super Bowl. Others will be smaller, well-capitalized companies. Some have been in business for over 100 years and don’t traditionally advertise.

The three key metrics that make up our company reputation score are:

Financial Stability

We rank these companies based on the ratings agencies. Also, it’s based on the company’s ability to pay claims.

Company History

This obviously means the longer, the better. Many of these companies profiled have weathered two world wars. Most survived the Great Depression and multiple recessions.

Customer Service

How easy is it to do routine maintenance on your policy? How quickly do they pay claims once you need the money? We obviously want your first call to be to Heart Life Insurance, however, if you need to call the company how long does it take for them to respond?

Product Selection and Flexibility

At face value, a 20-year term policy at a reputable company will be the same as another 20-year term policy at another reputable company. This isn’t the case though. These two policies can be vastly different, and we’re not just talking about the price.

Companies that score well in this category have better than average features within their policies. These can be living benefits for critical illness and great term conversion options. This also includes ancillary benefits that reward policyholders.

Companies will also receive high marks for their product portfolio. Extra weighting will be given to those companies that have various permanent and term insurance products. Hence, these companies serve clients during the various phases of their lives.

Ability to Place High-Risk Cases

I’m a high risk case? Wait a second. The doctor says I’m fine. What do you mean “high risk”?

Anything that kicks an applicant out of standard rates is considered “high risk”.  Almost any heart condition is considered high risk. Oftentimes so are very common health conditions like high blood pressure, high cholesterol, or diabetes.

The best policy in the world doesn’t matter if no one will qualify for it. Some companies – like the companies you buy auto insurance from – avoid high-risk applicants. Thankfully, there are other companies that are built to accept the extra risk.

Companies that score high in this area will price favorably for higher-risk clients. This is very very important for our clients with any sort of heart disease.

They will also use multiple underwriting guides. With this, they will be able to award the client with the best health class possible. Consequently, they will listen to reason and they will underwrite files humanely.


These companies are all great in their own way, however, our “Best of the Best List” is in no particular order.

Why not? Why can’t you tell me who is the best?

In a word, underwriting. Certain companies treat certain heart disease risks more favorable than others. Company “A” may be the go-to for coronary artery disease while company “B” excels in heart valve issues. These companies aren’t standing still, so this changes all the time.

If a life insurance company is taking higher than average death risks on a certain health issue, it’s tough for them to raise rates. To change the cost of insurance, the process can be painstaking. That sometimes requires a new filing with all of the states they do business in and this takes time.

To change their underwriting guidelines, all it takes is a simple interoffice memo. Subsequently, this is why underwriting guidelines are changing all the time. Favorable underwriting is crucial when applying for life insurance with a heart condition. Hence, it’s impossible to rank these companies when their underwriting is in flux.

Rest assured though. Once you work with your underwriting expert and choose any life insurer listed here,  you will have a policy you can be proud of from a company you can trust.

And now, on to the list!

Protective Life Insurance

Protective life insurance life insurance company review protective

Ease of Application – Protective scores high here, with many ways to apply.

Turn around is the fastest we work with. Sometimes, they can have it in 21 days. This is exceptionally quick for a fully-underwritten file. We can get in touch with an underwriter in a minute.

Company reputation is great for customer service, and they have almost 120 years of history to back it up.

Product selection is some of the best in the segment. This comes with a permanent policy that has infinite possibilities. In fact, you can customize it for your specific needs. Also, their term policies have flexible options. You can continue the policy past the expiration of the terms too.

They have no problem-pricing and taking high-risk cases.

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American International Group

Ease of Application (via e- app, tele-app, etc.) – AIG makes it easy to get the application in, they have an electronic process. However, sometimes getting the policy documents takes a little more work. So we’d like to see that improve, but that’s a small detail.

Turn around is not as great, it does take longer to get in touch with an underwriter pre-application than we’d like

Company reputation is very good as they are one of the largest insurers in the US. However, the financial crisis of 2009 has tarnished that image a little bit.

Their product portfolio is one of the broadest in the market. They have made some great strides in the guaranteed issue market. This comes with their no-hassle policies. Their conversion options leave a little to be desired.

In their ability to place high-risk policies, they score very high. This is because they price based on “standard plus” for high-risk cases. What this means is that rates can be 15% – 25 %. These rates are lower than most other companies in this category.

You can find out more about American lnternational Group here.

Foresters Life Insurance

Ease of application for your term product, e-applications are available.

For their final expense product, phone apps are available in most states.

Turn around you can talk to a UW ahead of time, and we find the post-application turn around to be average.

They have a long history and are well-capitalized. They receive high marks from their clients due to the fraternal benefits

Product selection is above average. Although, their permanent produce selection could use some work

They are able to place high-risk policies, though it’s not their forte.

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Lincoln Financial Life Insurance

E-applications are available, though they don’t have tele-applications.

Turn around is slower on the front end, it does take a few days to return a rapid quote. However, once a full file is in underwriting they are faster than average.

The company’s reputation is strong. They are well-capitalized, highly- rated and well-liked by their customers.

They are not the strongest in product selection, however, their product portfolio fills the bill for most clients and most needs. They do not fully underwrite term policies less than $250,000.  For those seeking a lower amount with a heart condition, we usually place the case elsewhere.

Their ability to place high-risk policies is commendable. Lincoln will strongly consider high-risk cases. This applies even when other life insurance companies have said no. They really want to get business done. When other life insurance companies say “stop” LFC says GO.

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American National Life Insurance (ANICO)

Ease of application- They have e-applications available through multiple formats. However, they have no tele-apps. In addition, the e-signature process can be cumbersome.

Turn around is quick both before and after application. In certain cases, ANICO will forego the medical exam, so this is great for convenience.

Company reputation – American National is not well- known in the general market. But, they are well-recognized by insurance professionals.  This is because they are so easy to work with. They are well-capitalized and received ratings of Aa2 from Moodys.

Product selection – They feature a broad lineup of the term and permanent products. Secondly, their universal life policy is one of the best on the market. Their term conversion options are great too.

Ability to place high-risk policies – They are warm to high-risk policies. However, they prefer to deal with lower face amounts. Once you get over $2 Million with high risk, there may be better options in this category

Check out the in-depth report on American National right here

John Hancock

JH will take applications via its proprietary e-application processor via telephone.

Their turn around before the application is pretty quick. Usually, a rapid quote is back within one business day.

Their company reputation is superb and they are well known throughout most of the US.

For product selection, they have one of the best lineups in the business. There are multiple options for both term and permanent policies. Also, their vitality plan adds a unique layer on top of all of them.

Ability to place tough cases – We can sometimes find less expensive options than John Hancock. However, they have proprietary underwriting criteria for certain heart conditions. These criteria are better than the rest of the industry. They also use multiple underwriting reinsurance manuals. This assures they get clients the best health class possible.

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Application – Banner has a solid E-application process they prefer to paper applications. This process is lightning-fast.

Turnaround on quick quotes leaves a little to be desired. Although they do have a very easy spot on their website to submit them. Once an application is in the mix, they are quick to input requirements. Also, they are quick to turn it around and offer a decision.

The company has been in business since April 21, 1862. They are very well capitalized to pay their claims.

Their product selection receives high marks on the term side. Although their permanent products can be quite cumbersome.

For their ability to place high-risk cases, they are great. Much like AIG, they price off of a better health class for substandard health classes.  Banner Life Insurance has many options to table credit and get even better pricing. They are often in the top 3 carriers price-wise for high-risk cases.

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Prudential Life Insurance

For the application process, Pru will accept applications through their e app process. Although, they don’t have a tele-app process yet.

Their turn around for rapid quotes and applications leaves a little to be desired. However, once there is a full file in underwriting they will usually have a decision within a few days.

Their company’s reputation is spectacular. In fact, it’s hard to think of a company that is more recognizable or well funded. Subsequently, there may be some bad reviews for customer service. For a company this large, it is bound to happen. In addition, it pales in comparison to their leagues of happy customers.

Prudential’s product selection is one of the best. Unbelievably, they have a product for every need you can imagine. But, their conversion options on their term products aren’t the best compared to the rest of the market. There are some particularly young options (65). While many of the other players will allow conversions all the way up to age 70.

When it comes to their ability to place high-risk cases though? Prudential literally wrote the book on high risk-underwriting. They have been dealing with high-risk conditions for over 100 years now. They also have invested a significant amount of manpower into these cases. If there are stacking issues, Prudential can help. Do you have heart disease with high blood pressure and diabetes? Well then, Prudential deserves a strong look.

Ready to get into the nitty-gritty about Prudential? Read more here.

Mutual of Omaha

Mutual of Omaha’s will accept e-applications, however for some of their small whole life products the e-application process can be tough to execute. For their no-exam life insurance options, e-applications with a phone interview is needed. They can get same-day approvals.

Their pre-and post-application turnaround times are average.

As far as their company reputation, they are very well known and very well-capitalized. Clients of a certain age remember “Wild Kingdom”. This show was sponsored by Mutual of Omaha, and they have over 110 years of history to back up their claims.

For product selection, they have a great mix of easy-to-understand products. These cover 99.9% of families’ needs. We like their term, low-limit permanent products. In addition, we love their low-limit whole life and accidental death policies. All of these serve various needs.

In placing high-risk cases, the Mutual of Omaha is better than average. Their underwriters are accessible. These folks will listen to a good case summary. Mutual of Omaha uses multiple underwriting manuals to find the best rates for clients.

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