American National Life Insurance Company (ANICO) Review

American National Life Insurance is happy you have decided to take some time to further investigate our company and the policies we offer to our customers. Here is Heart Life Insurance’s American National Life Insurance Company Review.

American National Life Insurance Company (ANICO) is a top-rated company that offers insurance policies to their customers without requiring them to undergo a medical examination.


One Moody Plaza
Galveston, Texas 77550-7947
(409) 763-4661

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ANICO consistently ranks among the top ten companies for life insurance rates and customer satisfaction.

ANICO policies tend to be extremely affordable, and that is one of the reasons why A.M. Best consistently gives ANICO its highest “A” rating. The firm of A.M. Best is a business dedicated to providing accurate reports on the financial stability of insurance carriers. These reviews make them accessible to those involved in the life insurance market whether as buyers or sellers. A.M. Best is one of the oldest and most widely recognized rating firms for life insurance.

American National Life Insurance Company has a very industry exclusive business focus; likewise, their ratings reflect that. A.M. Best provides a very thorough analysis of liquidity and profitability, and they view ANICO favorably.

A.M. Best considers ANICO to be in excellent financial condition, as does Standard and Poor’s, who also rate ANICO with an “A” rating.

Forbes named ANICO on its 2017 “Most Trustworthy Financial Companies” list. Forbes chooses companies based on their accounting and financial practices. This is why American National Life Insurance Company review landed on the list of our most trustworthy companies.


ANICO was founded over one hundred years ago in 1905, by W.L. Moody, Jr. The Moody family is one of the founding families of Galveston. Prior to 1900, Galveston was a very prominent port city, and the city would have been a larger metropolis (instead of Houston) had it not been for a devastating hurricane in 1900 that killed 8,000 people and devastated the city.

This hurricane still ranks as one of the most devastating natural disasters in American history. The storm put an abrupt and unforeseen halt on economic development in Galveston, resulting in Houston emerging instead as the region’s economic epicenter.

Economic leaders like Moody realized that their city needed to diversify into new businesses, unrelated to the traditional port city industries.

To address this need, he founded ANICO. The company began with just ten employees and $100,000 in capital; however, they had the ability, in a demanding market, to grow and improve.

Today, the company is still going strong, and it has just reached the $100 billion mark for life insurance active policies.


ANICO offers whole life, term life, and universal life policies. Whole life policies cover the policy holder’s entire life, and they build in cash value.

Term life policies cover a specific amount of time- usually ten, twenty, or thirty-year periods. Additionally, they pay out the benefit if you die within that term.

While term life policies don’t accumulate cash value, they are generally far more affordable than whole life policies.

ANICO Offers Excellent Whole Life and Term Life Policies

The ANICO Signature Term policy is fully underwritten and available in ten, fifteen, twenty, and thirty-year terms at very competitive pricing. The longer the term, the better the price.

If the policyholder is under fifty and in good health, they will likely pay around $90 monthly to ensure a 30-year policy and guarantee $500,000 in coverage.

ANICO also offers a no-exam Freedom Term Life Insurance policy at an amount up to $250,000 in coverage (10, 20 and 30-year terms). Customer application approval can be completed in as little as fifteen minutes, and many clients use it to cover an SBA loan, divorce cases, and other financial responsibilities.

ANICO’s Legacy Whole Life Insurance is a no-exam policy as well, with up to $25,000 coverage for people between the age of fifty and eighty.

The policy offers a two-year graded death benefit, this means 110 percent of the policy pays if you die within the first two years of obtaining the policy.

More often than not, customers use this type of policy to cover burial expenses.

ANICO also offers a Signature Whole Life Insurance policy with guaranteed cash value, death benefit, and level premiums.

Offering available insurance riders, accelerated benefit, guaranteed insurance, disability premium, child term, and more are all great features of ANICO

For example, a guaranteed insurance rider is a great addition to your policy if you are buying life insurance for your children. This is because it allows you to add insurance on special event days. These special event days could be birthdays, the birthdate of a child, or anniversaries.

The policies that do not require a medical exam are offered to applicants, and they hold true to the promise- no medical exam needed.

ANICO also offers larger policies that can payout up to a million dollars with the Xpress Plus or applicants up to the age of fifty (or 51-60 for $500,000 worth of coverage).

The company also offers other policies at lower rates for signature life, whole life, and term policies. If an applicant is 17-65 and wants insurance up to $250,000, ANICO will check the motor vehicle records and prescription databases. This is to see if you qualify for the non-medical exam options for these policies.


Our ANICO company life insurance review would not be complete if it didn’t cover the company’s innovative and accelerated underwriting procedures. Along with it is its flexible health criteria for people who are sixty-one years and older.

ANICO’s underwriting allows for higher blood pressure, cholesterol, and BMI for people in this age bracket. Health factors like low tobacco use and well-controlled sleep apnea can qualify you for an ANICO preferred rate. The same goes even when other insurance providers might turn you down.

Clients love the fast underwriting and impressive customer service reflected in the company’s Better Business Bureau (BBB) A+ rating, the highest rating given.

In summary, ANICO has outstanding underwriting on its no medical exam term life and whole life policies. They strive to have competitively low prices on certain policies making their rates very competitive.

However, it is important to remember that with any insurance provider, no-exam policies will be more expensive than policies that require the applicant to complete and record a medical exam.