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Heart Life Insurance is your home for life insurance with heart conditions at the best rates in the business.  You can find instant life insurance quotes from over 50 “A-rated” life insurance companies with fast approval times and great living benefits.

Shop top rated life insurance companies privately and get approved quickly. Heart disease cannot stand in your way; even with heart problems or cardiovascular disease, you can find affordable life insurance right here!

Why would you look for life insurance on your own when you have a heart condition, stents or cardiovascular surgery?  This can be difficult and unnecessary.  Our experience will work in your favor!

With underwriting experts in house, we will find you term life insurance, no exam life insurance and guaranteed life insurance even if you have been declined before.

Protecting your family is the most important goal of our company, and we take it personally.  Life insurance is important to you, and it is important to us too.  That’s why we work tirelessly with one purpose in mind:  You.  

Your satisfaction, your options and your best interests are our guiding principals and our duty (by law!) The first and last question that matters to us is:  How may we better help you?

Nine Advantages to Working with Heart Life Insurance

1. Underwriting Experts who Get You the Best Rates on Life Insurance

Your rates for life insurance are not a mystery.  They are determined by many factors, but the two most important factors are your age and your health class.

I’m sure you want to turn back the clock, however we cannot do anything about your age.  You are as young today as you are ever going to get.

We can  however affect your health class by using our underwriting expertise in heart problems, and that could save you up to 68% on your life insurance!

How does it work?  Simple.  You are a unique person with unique heart conditions. Certain life insurance companies are great for certain cardiovascular diseases and terrible for others.  It’s all based on the company’s risk tolerance and risk exposure history.

For example, mega life insurance company “A” knows you are maintaining your high blood pressure with commonly prescribed HBP medications. Company “A” has underwriting guidelines that calls you “Average” and prices your policy as such.

Mega life insurance company “B” however prices that risk as “Healthy”.  If you are taking high blood pressure medication, which company would give you the better deal?  Company B of course!

If you had time to read underwriting guides all day for life insurance you would know these carriers and their sweet spots… but who has time for that?

Furthermore, this information is a closely guarded secret that life insurance companies do not want you to know!

If you pick Company “A” on your own, you could spend thousands more than you need to on your life insurance coverage!  Don’t make that mistake. Let us help.  We want to be your ally, unbiased and truthful.

Let one of our underwriting experts save you money.  It’s simple!

2. Iron Clad Money Back Guarantee

We will move the moon and stars to make you happy.

  • The quotes are FREE of charge.
  • The expert advice is FREE.
  • The bad jokes are FREE.  
  • The medical exam-if required-is FREE.  
  • The blood work at the lab-if required-is FREE.  
  • The doctor’s records-if required-are FREE.
  • The first, second, third, fourth and fifth etc. consultation are all FREE.
  • Every now and again we will send you a birthday card – FREE!
  • Annual reviews of all your policies – (you guessed it) FREE.

Pay attention, because this next one is big news . . .

  • In the distant future if a better product comes along or your health dramatically improves, we will switch you to that new policy or product absolutely FREE!

What if we completely miss the mark though?  What assurances do you have?

Life Insurance Heart Conditions Guarantee

Should you qualify for protection and decide it’s not in your best interest, you have a 30 day, iron clad, no questions asked, rock solid guarantee.  You can return the policy and are under no obligation.

3. Fifty “A Rated” Life Insurance Companies with Literally Hundreds of Options

We love choice and choice is good.  Having plenty of choices with relevant education and unbiased guidance though is GREAT!

Here we are able to shop the biggest and best life insurance companies in the world.  Many of these groups have been in business since the 1800’s and their financial future is rock solid.  Governments, banks, and millions of families have put their faith in these companies and you can too.

The real issue is picking just one; with our help, it’s simple

4. Personal Attention from Real People who Care and Understand

If you ever want to feel small, belittled or like you don’t matter, call into a national call center that advertises life insurance on the TV or Radio.

It’s just as fun as asking a kid in middle school if they like your haircut and trust me:  You don’t want to know!

To other large massive insurance companies you are a nameless face in a sea of sales quotas. Also, if you have heart conditions, underwriting your case is going to be more difficult and it will take more work.

How can you get the personal attention your case deserves if a phone agent has to move onto their next sale just to keep their job?  Short answer is:  you cannot.

To us, it’s personal.  Each person at Heart Life Insurance has a meaningful experience with a family member who currently has (or had) heart problems.

Trying to help them–and by extension you–runs in our blood.

You will not get that attention from the larger companies or call centers, for they simply cannot afford to invest the time that your case requires.  We can!

5. Free, Instant and Accurate Life Insurance Quotes

After reading through some of the pages on this site (start with this one), you will be “smarter than the average bear” when it comes to life insurance.

Real life case studies and examples of heart problems and their actual health class will teach you how to properly use the quote tool.  Go ahead and run some quotes with confidence.

This is a free service that we provide to you and we are committed to keeping it free. (FREE!).

On our end, we promise to keep the quoter 100% secure, accurate and up to date.  We promise not to entice you with teaser or bogus rates so long as your information is accurate.

Furthermore, if there are new companies or products in this market, we will update with those options for you to quote as well.

6. We Communicate How You Like

How do you like to be contacted.  Phone?  Chat?  Text?  Email?  Smoke signal?  With the newest technology we can communicate however you prefer.  Except smoke signal.

We know your time is valuable and will keep you fully informed without wasting a single minute with SPAM.

You can even just comment on the specific article you like and we will respond quickly. Check out some of our most recent comments below:

7. Shop Confidently and Privately from Home

At last count, there were over 1,000 life insurance companies in the US.  Whew.  How in the world do you know which one is the best?

Thankfully for you, we have compiled many of the companies who look favorably on heart conditions in our free quote tool.  You can customize your quote to fit your needs, all for free and all from your couch!

Now, you can also plug your email into a website that just wants sell your information.  You will get a chance to shop insurance quotes; literally hundreds of hungry insurance agents will call you for months.

There is a better option.  We have the expertise to narrow this choice down for you.  Work with one company, one case manager, and one caring soul who specializes in life insurance with heart conditions.

Unlike some other forms of insurance, life insurance company rates are the same whether you use an agent or go straight to the company yourself. These rates are filed at the state level and regulated by your state’s department of insurance. There is no difference to you or your rates depending on “how you buy.”

Usually doing it yourself will save you some money on a home improvement project, however this is not the case with life insurance. This is GREAT news regarding your convenience, because it means you can have our underwriting experts do the hard work without any additional cost!

8. Super Fast Technology Way Ahead of Our Peers

The life insurance industry is sadly behind the times when it comes to the latest gadgets.

Some life insurance companies have technology akin to an Apple II Computer, and 20 years ago we needed an entire office just to keep track of all the paper files.

Today, paper applications?  No way.  We streamline the application process to save you time and save some trees.  We also have many options for life insurance without a medical exam.

The technology of yesteryear could delay a life insurance approval for months and it was very frustrating.

Today we can get approvals in hours with certain no-exam cases.  It’s simple!

9. Refreshing Honesty and Transparency

What is lacking in the insurance business is good old fashioned honesty and transparency. Our clients do not want to be pandered to by some lizard talking about insurance. Their family’s protection is too important for that.

We will give you the insurance information you need in a way you can understand and use it. Our rates will be honest rates, not some “bait and switch” ploy designed to mislead you.

As the nation’s largest life insurance specialty group focusing on cardiovascular conditions, we didn’t get to be #1 by being dishonest.

We pledge to be transparent in all of our dealings, and if we wouldn’t recommend a company to our own family, we will not recommend it to your family either. We value the truth at all times, and we will make the right decisions even when they are hard or inconvenient. We will find you the best value for your family from the best companies in the market, and we will give you accurate, honest and realistic quotes right from the start.

So what are you waiting for?

You can explore our posts to learn more about us or to educate yourself on life insurance and heart problems. Better yet, get a free quote now, or call us direct at 386-246-2900.

There is no time like the present, today is the only today that you get. Take action to secure your family’s future NOW, you will be glad you did!